CSE 30 -- Assignment 6 hand-in

Some of you are confused about what I expect from assignment 6. Matt gave you the C function prototype for the code that you are to implement. That is the main thing that I want from you; you should not turn in a main program nor your test code -- though supplementary comments / documentation that shows how you tested the code is good. (Such supplementary documentation might be a separate file containing your test code that can be concatenated with your wmemcpy function.) If you turn in a main function or other test code, we will not run it.

When we grade your code, we will not use your test code -- any such code provided serves only as documentation. Instead, we will use our own test code that calls wmemcpy and exercise it. Your wmemcpy must follow the standard calling conventions.

As usual, the assignment will be graded 60 points for the code -- whether it works, coding style, and efficiency -- and 40 points on documentation -- comments, accompanying test code, etc. For this assignment, it is not necessary to provide test code if your comments suffice to convince us that it works; in real life, however, programming projects always include testing, and testing code is always generated and accompanies a product through its life-cycle. As an anecdotal data point, just the testing team for Windows NT is larger than the entire project group for Word.

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