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Misc Announcements/Changes

Assignment 0

You should have received email from Greg regarding whether we received your assignment 0 email and whether we have received a signed copy of the Computer Security Ethics form from you. If you haven't received this email, contact me. Do not attempt to send in a late assignment 0 email. If you believe you had sent it in but Greg's email indicated otherwise, email me. If the email indicated that we did not get a signed Ethics form from you, print out another copy, sign it, and give that to me in class -- you will not get a grade in this class otherwise.

The following people sent in email, but do not appear in the class list. Please contact me.
NameEmail Address Used
Dennis, Jennifer jdennis@ucsd.edu
Eva01@thePentagon.com penpen@pacbell.net
Recchia, David lotharofthehill@hotmail.com
cs127 cs127@vulcan.shacknet.nu

Assignment 1

To keep things simple, compile assignment 1's assn1.c with gcc with no optimization, i.e.,
$ gcc -g -o assn1 assn1.c
This is how we will compile the assn1.c against which we will test your attack. A copy of this has been placed in the public course directory. (/home/solaris/ieng9/cs127w/public on ieng9.)

Use the set_stack_offset program in .../public/assn1.tools directory. You may run your program as

$ set_stack_offset assn1 < INPUT
$ set_stack_offset -t 8192 assn1 < INPUT
The latter uses a larger target stack offset, if the first command results in an error message. (This occurs if your environment is already large, about 4KB in size.) State clearly in your writeup which command you used.


Project due date extended to 11:59am Saturday March 8th, 2002.

One line modification made to rpc_service.c. See project page for more details.

Grade Breakdown

Grading breakdown changed due to too few assignments. See below. There will also be an extra credit assignment the score of which will not be incorporated into the ``curve''. (The class is not strictly curved.)


Poorna is out of the country due to a family emergency; he will not be available for office hours until he returns.


The final exam is scheduled to be held from 11:30am-2:30pm on Wednesday March 20th, 2002, in CSB 002 (the usual room).

See extra credit problem page for an important clarification. This should clarify some confusions about DPA.

See extra handouts for more loop invariant examples and the answer key to the midterm.

Andrius Mockus: your mailbox appears to be full and email to you bounces. Please fix and contact us.
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