Bathroom Remodeling Project

These pictures were created using Sketchup to build a 3-D model. The list of fixtures is here.

Recent Changes:

  • mirror now robern metallique, 40" x 24" x 4".
  • shower shelves now quarter circles (could be quartered hexigons too); flood lights moved, and fluorescent/vent placed where existing vent is located.
  • shower system changed.

    View from above:

    Interior viewpoint, standing in front of wall immediately to the right of the door. The sink should be an Exeter pedestal lavatory, EXPL 47-K. It's available at Waterworks. The sink in the 3D model is missing the faucets. They should be Ashbury 8" widespread sink set, polished chrome, from Restoration Hardware.

    The sussex bath collection tube sconce lights are from Pottery Barn.

    The wall and shower tiles are ceramiche supergres, ambienti series, avorio color (SSAIAO). The model uses a standard library image of tiles; for these porcelain tiles the grout lines should be essentially invisible. Above the basic wall tiles are RSNL/312 Riverstone (3x12), with 12" ambienti quarterounds on top of that. These are all available from Tile Fantastic, located at 2910 So. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95124. Grout sealant should be applied throughout.

    Lights with approximate measurements. The left flood should form an isosceles triangle with the sconces.

    View with the wall transparent. The towel bar is just floating in the air here.

    View through the wall immediately to the left of the door.

    View from above, through transparent ceiling and wall to the left of the door. The towel bar is an Ashbury double arm bar, polished chrome, from Restoration Hardware.

    The shower enclosure and tiles.

    Note built-in shelves at 4' and 2' 6". The shower fixture itself is missing from the 3D model. It should be the VertiSpa Shower System from American Standard.

    The wall paint should be ``Shore'' paint collection, matte finish, with color probably either Silver Sage or Atmospheric Blue, to be determined after matching with trim / tiles. The paint is available from Restoration Hardware.

    The two walls in the shower enclosure, each with a different tiling pattern.

    The left wall column of glass tiles are Oceanside Glasstile, composed of 4x4, 2x4, and 2x2 shapes of their Casa California field tiles, in #127 non-iridescent fleet blue.

    The left wall in the shower enclosure.

    The pattern on the right wall is two rows of 1x1 sized Tessera field tiles, also in #127 non-iridescent fleet blue.